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Happy Tummy Taster Pack x 10 capsules


Happy Tummy Charcoal is probably the world’s best food supplement for settling your tummy. It adsorbs unwanted substances, eases gas and can provide the foundation for a healthier diet and life. The capsule shells of vegetable cellulose are made from potato starch, and so are suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Starter tub of 100 capsules is 6 – 8 weeks supply. The larger tub of 500 capsules is six months+ supply.  To order, scroll down to drop down menu at bottom of page.

MADE BY NATURE – Happy Tummy charcoal capsules contain a fine granular charcoal made from a special hardwood which contains c60 fullerene molecules as part of its natural make-up. Our scientific process enhances the bio-availability of the c60 molecule to living systems.  We keep it in its natural form so that the adsorptive properties of the charcoal, in combination with the c60 and other elements, work synergistically to assist the body in absorbing nutrients and strengthening the immune response.

Our capsules are NOT made from ‘activated’ charcoal but are naturally ‘active’, meaning that traditional or natural charcoal is known to absorb unwanted substances. (Activated charcoal is a super-adsorbent which can interfere with medication and nutritional uptake).

NOTE: More recently we are being asked if our product is similar to c60 olive oil.  For the above reasons it is not. We have no direct experience of c60 olive oil and so are unable to comment on the source of the c60 added to olive oil.

Additional Benefits:

Help choose the sex of your baby:  View / Download
Cellulite: View / Download our PDF here

Recent reports from our customer base tell us that Happy Tummy charcoal capsules are very good for removing cellulite and helping strech marks to fade. View or download the PDF for full information.


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