Happy Tummy FAQ’s

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Is Happy Tummy to be fed only when a horse falls ill?
No, you don’t have to wait for your horse to fall ill before feeding Happy Tummy. You should trickle feed Happy Tummy daily as it helps re-balance the gut. The re-balancing supports a strong immune system, which helps maintain condition and performance.
A popular Happy Tummy FAQ is can it be fed continuously?
Yes, Happy Tummy can be fed continuously. It’s an approved feed material and we recommend this regime because it is very beneficial for the horse.
Another Happy Tummy FAQ is How do you feed it?
You simply add Happy Tummy to the feed – it can be damped down with a little water if necessary. Happy Tummy can also be administered in a ‘drench’ by adding to water or yogurt and using a suitable syringe.
How much do you feed per horse?
Follow the instructions on the label & Feeding Guide Sheet above. We recommend a loading dose for the first three days as this helps to detox the system. Thereafter, reduce the amount over the following two weeks and feed a trickle amount twice daily. If your horse is suffering from a particular problem e.g. suspected gastric ulcers, colic, wind-sucking, gassy tummy, runny poo, stressed & fidgety etc. continue to feed the high dose until you see improvement. Then reduce as above.
Does it take out vitamins and minerals?
No it does not – Happy Tummy is NOT made from ‘activated’ charcoal which is a super-adsorbent and, with frequent use, can take out nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Our charcoal is naturally active and is an EU approved feed material. In fact, because Happy Tummy immediately begins to re-balance the pH of the digestive system, it facilitates the uptake of oxygen, essential minerals, vitamins and nutrients.
A frequently asked question is ‘What supplements should I feed my horse’?
This depends on several factors, e.g. what work your horse does, how much, the frequency etc. and is best discussed with an expert knowledgeable in this area.
Can Happy Tummy be fed if the horse is on medication or being wormed?
Yes. However, if you prefer, you can feed Happy Tummy two to three hours later.
Does it have a long shelf-life?
Yes it does. We have to put a ‘Best Before’ date on the tub but it will keep for a long time if it is stored as recommended, which is to replace the lid securely after use and store in a cool, dry place away from heat, strong electrical currents and direct sunlight.
Does Happy Tummy help with other health issues?
Yes. Happy Tummy helps because it redresses the pH which improves oxygen uptake, and also helps to detox. Happy Tummy can effectively help with issues like gastric ulcers, laminitis, acorn (and similar) poisoning and many others.
Does Happy Tummy conform to the Racing, Competing & Eventing Rules?
Yes, Happy Tummy is BHA and FEI compliant – it is considered a ‘passive’ substance. Furthermore, whilst there are many muscle supplements on the market for the racing and competition horse, Happy Tummy can help with tying up and muscle cramps because it helps counter the build up of lactic acid in the muscles.

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