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Happy Tummy for Cattle

All bovines benefit from the addition of Happy Tummy® charcoal in their diet because it helps maintain the natural pH balance of the digestive system. Acidosis, which is the most significant nutritional disorder in feedlots today causes cattle to be stressed, and is caused by a rapid production and absorption of acids from the rumen when cows consume too much starch (primarily grain) or sugar in a short amount of time.  The trickle feeding of Happy Tummy adsorbs this excess acid in the rumen and so helps considerably to rebalance the digestive system.

Happy Tummy® charcoal is also helpful in maintaining good health in calves.  Since it has the ability to adsorb over 4,000 known toxins, it has proved to be most helpful in instances of aflatoxin poisoning.

Happy Tummy for Sheep

Happy Tummy® charcoal supports an animal’s digestion by reducing the level of internal toxins.  When added to sheep’s feed, particularly pre-lambing or in the run-up to a show, it delivers striking benefits.  Overall, it supports the immune system resulting in better hoof condition, better wool, more rapid healing of any wounds, injuries or post-operative conditions that the animal might sustain.

By maintaining the alkalinity (pH) of the rumen, Happy Tummy for sheep also helps keep the sheep free of parasites.
There is strong evidence to suggest that the addition of Happy Tummy® to animal’s diet helps increase fertility in a flock (this is probably due to its ability to adsorb and remove over 4,000 toxins from the animals system).

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