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Testi Images Fly & Bug Emulsion Laura Cocking Marked
Before and after photos of tail treated with Fine Fettle fly & bug emulsion

Fine Fettle Fly & Bug emulsion is an effective skin application made from totally natural ingredients, and is suitable for equines, pets and all domestic creatures. Applied to the skin, it deters biting insects and bugs. For horses, focus application on the mane, spine, tail / dock. Can also be used on ‘sensitive’ areas.

Fine Fettle Fly & Bug emulsion is effective against mosquitoes, midges and many biting and blood-sucking insects. It soothes and calms bite irritation, and can be used on the ears and face. (To apply to face, squeeze a small amount onto a small sponge, cotton-wool pad or ball, and dab onto face, avoiding the eyes).

Our fly & bug emulsion comes in a 250ml squeezable bottle with a flip top –  very useful if your horse or pet does not like sprays.

It is also very effective in deterring biting insects and bugs when gardening, out walking, fishing or on holiday – simply apply a little and rub it gently into the skin.

Helps deter :-

midges, horse flies, mites, ticks, fleas, mosquitoes and many more!



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