Happy Tummy for Pigs

Like humans, pigs suffer considerably from stress, especially when they’re not weaned naturally or they’re kept in intensive housing.  Happy Tummy® charcoal reduces stress both by improving the pig’s metabolisation of feed products – enabling better digestion and also by taking out of the pig’s environment many of those stressors which reduce a pig’s well-being.

One significant stressor to which pigs respond badly is the build-up of ammonia. By adding small quantities of Happy Tummy® to the feed stock when feeding concentrates or protein, you can significantly reduce the build-up of ammonia in the pig’s environment. The benefits which flow from this are substantial, since not only does Happy Tummy® adsorb substantial quantities of ammonia, but it also adsorbs over 4,000 other toxins by binding these into its structure and taking them out of the pig’s system naturally.

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