Happy Tummy Equine Testimonials


Angela P. – August 2011

 … I felt I must write and tell you the brilliant results achieved with “Happy Tummy”. I have attached a picture of my son with his 26 year old mare Tango. Her arthritis was so bad, she was in great discomfort when the blacksmith came or when we picked out her feet. I have tried many supplements and formulas to no avail so I had nothing to loose by giving “happy Tummy” a try, and within a few weeks we all noticed a difference in Tango’s movements. She now canters and trots around the field with our other mare, ears pricked and tail held high, thank you “Happy Tummy” hopefully by the end of the summer we can bring her back to a weekend ride with her field mate.

Colic, Digestion & Gastric problems

Tracey Cole – November 3, 2019

I thought other horse owners might like to know about the huge difference that Happy Tummy has made to my mare. She has had intermittent lameness, which over the years has been treated with remedial farriery, coffin joint injections, going barefoot, being tested for a number if conditions, all of which proved negative: gastric ulcers, lower leg nerve blocks, PSSM, insulin resistance due to suspect laminitis (although no heat in feet or raised digital pulses), EMS, Cushings……Although she has a plain, low sugar and starch diet, I did suspect that her troubles were down to something she was eating. Various vets disputed this.

I’ve tried so many supplements, I’ve lost count! So, in desperation I decided to try Happy Tummy before calling the vets again. This is what happened:

  • 0 hours – left fore lameness, very short striding in walk although weight bearing, reluctant to move very much around the field
  • 2 hours – more willing to move around field
  • 24hours – short stride but less pronounced, less pot belly bloating
  • 36hours – striding almost normal. Belly looking good
  • 48hours – cantered over to me from far side of 4 acre field. Normal striding in walk.
  • Day 3 – normal striding in walk, very slightly short in trot
  • Day 9 – sound in walk and sound trotting in a straight line. Sound on left rein circle and slight head bob on right rein circle
  • Day 14 – sound in walk, trot, canter (getting correct canter lead and not disunited) on a straight line and when lunged on both reins

I can’t recommend Happy Tummy highly enough, thank God I found it!

Isobel Wessels, Herefordhsire, October 2016

 “My Grand Prix horse Chagall has been on Happy Tummy Charcoal for about six months and the improvement in his gut health has been astonishing.

Gone are all the signs of gastric ulcers and the passing of loose droppings.

The most amazing thing of all is that for the first time he has an appetite second to none. His condition has really improved and he is even eating heartily when away from home at shows.

I cannot thank Fine Fettle Feeds enough and can recommend Happy Tummy Charcoal to all horse owners. It’s simple, palatable, effective, FEI legal AND affordable.”  Isobel Wessels Patricia Dexter, Nottingham – 24th April 2015   My 25 year old horse was diagnosed with advanced Cushings Disease last August and we have been struggling to stabilise his condition, mainly because of the severe diarrhoea and intermittent bouts of colic which we have attributed to the high dose medication he is being treated with. I have tried gut balancers, a change of diet, etc but nothing worked and I had to wash his bottom and legs daily with buckets of hot water and towels. I read about Happy Tummy in a magazine article and bought a tub in yet another attempt to get to grips with the condition. After about ten days the diarrhoea began to dry up and he started to produce firm droppings. Within three weeks the diarrhoea cleared up completely and his droppings are now healthy and I no longer have to wash him down daily. He hasn’t had a bout of colic since starting Happy Tummy and seems so much happier. He has been on the maintenance dose for about a month now and I intend to continue with it as regular part of his diet. He is a very fussy eater but I can sprinkle Happy Tummy on some fibre pellets and Cushcare, add a little water, and he will literally lick his bowl clean. I can’t recommend it too highly. I bought the product because of the rave reviews and now I am writing one of my own.  

Fiona Schofield, Lancs. August 2013

Dear Paula,
I just wanted to tell you how thrilled I am with my pony since she has been on your happy tummy charcoal.
Bess is a 20yrs old Reg Fell pony she has never had any illness at all , she has always been a lively ride but last October she decided that she did not want to work at all, we had the vet twice  who could not find anything wrong with her ,we tried everything we could ,we rested her for 4 months thinking she had a virus .She did not want to ride out, she would not trot, she looked depressed, yet all the time she looked fit  and had a good appetite. So I phoned my friend who is a riding instructor , to ask her to come and   see  Bess again, she could not believe how well she looked and could not understand why she would not work, so my husband just happened to mention that when I was tacking her up she would really have a go to bite me , (I thought this was because she did not want me to ride her), but as soon as my friend was told this she said that I need to get some charcoal, she said to get it from Fine Fettle Feeds, they will deliver the next day. ( which you did )With your charcoal, and the support you gave me on the phone Paula I cant thank you enough Bess started to improve after just 2 days (like you said she would), she is ridding out every morning, trotting and cantering, she is just back to how she used to be a happy lively pony like she was 11 months ago. Thank you very much and we are recommending your company to all our horsey friends. Kindest Regards,

Sarah Rehill – France – Sept. 2012

 “I had a mare with serious digestion issues, producing masses of gas. We had her teeth checked, a gastroscope examination done & bloods tested but nothing. Following 3 colic attacks in as many weeks I was beginning to think the inevitable was going to happen
 and I’d go into the barn one morning and find her gone. My vet treated her with a charcoal drench which worked and then I saw your advert and thought it was worth a go. My mare has responded really well to the product, hasn’t noticed it in her feed (and she is very fussy) and we haven’t had a true colic incident in the last month which is fantastic”.

Kirsta Middleton – August 2012, FaceBook message

Happy Tummy has worked miracles with my yearling’s digestion … 

March 2012 – Rosemary D – colic

 I have been using Happy Tummy for over one year now with my Irish Draft mare who for the previous  two years experienced a colic episode every 6-8 weeks throughout the year and sometimes at 2 week intervals. You can imagine the stress for the mare and the vet bills for me!! Since introducing my mare to Happy Tummy over a year ago she has not experienced any colic and appears to be a much happier mare in every other respect.

Feb 2012 – Lisa Boyd wrote on Facebook:

“Started my 4yo very colicy Thoroughbred on Happy Tummy on Saturday and I’m already amazed with the results!! Worth every penny!! ”

Michael Attwater, Trainer

“I began using Happy Tummy about a year ago.
A thoroughbred racehorse with gastric ulcers showing symptoms of poor appetite, poor condition, dull coat and loose droppings prompted me to look for an alternative to the expensive drugs available. I began the horse on Happy Tummy and within weeks he had changed dramatically. His appetite returned and he put on and held his condition. His droppings became normal and he looked fantastic. To this day he has never looked back. I now use Happy Tummy on a large percentage of my horses and my vet has even recommended it to clients with similar problems.”

Jade B. & Thomas – October 2011 update

Jade owns 5 year old, 15.3hh Welsh Cob, Thomas, who she bought as a youngster with the aim to compete in showing classes. Around 8 months after purchasing him he had his first bout of colic and after subsequent episodes he was taken in for surgery at Lambourn Equine Centre in Berkshire. However, when he was opened up it was discovered Thomas had serious, inoperable intestinal damage and vets advised Jade and her family that instead of a cure this would be a problem that had to be carefully managed.

“The vets believe that the problems are caused by worm damage from before we owned him,â” Jade tells us. “This has left substantial scarring which causes his gut to fill with gas and cause him immense pain. Our vet, Ali Mead suggested we try charcoal and after trying him on a prescribed product we looked into other products on the market. From searching the internet and then reading about other people’s experiences in forums we decided that Happy Tummy was worth a try.”

“Thomas has now been on Happy Tummy for several months and has remained stable since, with no further bouts of colic and he is also even putting on weight,” Jade goes on to say, “He should be a big horse but because of the damage he looked quite poor and leggy. His weight before happy tummy and the start of his illness was a poor 323kg his weight now a year down the line is 455kg which is wonderful as vets advised me he would struggle to put any on at all, because happy tummy keeps Thomas gas free he is able to absorb his feed better. He will be on Happy Tummy for life but we hope that if he puts on more weight and strengthens up, so we will be able to show him and he will be able to enjoy a normal life.”

Gut Related issues, loose droppings, weight loss, diet & Condition etc.

Bonnie MC – France Oct 2018

Have been meaning to write and thank you for your product.  Both my horses are on it and are doing well.  My old fellow really has had a rebirth… Thanks again. 

Lesley and Walter, April 2013

Hi , I would like to tell you what you already know (which is) that your Happy Tummy charcoal works. I have used it since first launched on my Haflinger, who had skin problems and red eyes which cleared up beautifully. A friend bought me another charcoal product as a present, as she knew I used charcoal and within a few days (of using the new product) all his problems reappeared,also it was very dirty to use. At least it proved to me that I was using the best product on the market, and my boy won’t thank me experimenting with others.    Many thanks. 

Karen H. – Horseworld , December 2012

Hi, You were kind enough to send us a sample pot of Happy tummy charcoal for a 35 year old rescue we have here at Horseworld. It worked well for her ‘runny tummy’ and we have cut her down to a minimum dose now and all seems to be under control. We have tried numerous methods to try to control this and so this is the first time we’ve been able to sort her. Also she seems much calmer and less stressed on the Happy tummy too. So a big Thank you and we have just ordered a big pot. Kind regards, Karen

Kristina Neal – 22nd March 2012 via FaceBook

 Want to say a big thank you to all for your expert advice and your outstanding customer service. I have a rescued tb and a growing 3 yr old that have been struggling of late with their diet and condition. One phone call to you and I knew exactly what I needed and had received pot of your ‘happy tummy’ through the post the next day. The condition of both horses have improved dramatically so needless to say I will continue using this product and recommend it to all my friends x

Society for the Welfare of Horses & Ponies, Monmouth – March 2012 update

 We rescued Poppy II in August 2010, she was in a very bad way being extremely thin and scouring very badly.  She was full of worms and unfortunately she has severe worm damage to the gut which means her ability to absorb protein is not good.  At one point we thought that we would have to have her put to sleep as nothing was working for her.  We started her on Happy Tummy and are thrilled to report that she has made a dramatic recovery.  We will always have to be very careful with what Poppy II is given to eat but are confident that with Happy Tummy to help her we can give her a good quality of life and give her a happy life.

Jenny Richards, Chepstow – March 2012

I just had to write and say how marvellous your Happy Tummy product is, and how it has helped our old pony Flossy. She’s 26 years young and lives our 24/7 (well rugged). This winter, for no apparent reason, she began to have very loose droppings. I took the advice of a friend and put her on Happy Tummy and almost immediately the scouring stopped! She’s now on the maintenance amount and is doing really well.  I would recommed this product to everyone with a similar unexplained problem.  With thanks.

Geisha‘s Story & Happy Tummy, RDA Championships 2011

Geisha & Marian RDA Championships

Geisha is owned by The Unicorn Centre in Middlesbrough. She is a 24 year old warmblood mare and that is the first time she has done a Grade IV (hardest grade) test!… Geisha was an absolute pleasure to ride and train in preparation for this competition – I love her to bits  She always puts 110% effort into everything asked of her and never says no. She is one of the nicest and most talented horses I have ever had the pleasure of riding – she really is worth her weight in gold. Just wanted to reiterate that the Unicorn team had had many problems with keeping Geisha’s gut settled, both at home and especially whilst travelling and away at competitions. I think they had tried just about everything going with regards to trying to settle her gut and stop her becoming ‘loose’, but nothing seemed to work. I gave them some Happy Tummy for her about two weeks before the competition and they noticed a difference in her virtually straightaway! As you saw for yourself, down at Hartpury she looked in excellent condition and her droppings were all firm – an absolute first for this horse! She produced a fault free test down at the RDA Nationals, which earned us a very credible 2nd place (Reserve National Champion) with 66.8%. An excellent achievement, given that I had only ridden her for the three weeks leading upto the competition. She was also placed 2nd in the Grade IV Freestyle, so two Reserve National titles under her belt 

Lorraine E. – July 2011

My daughter’s beautiful Connemara had for some unknown reason lost some weight even though there had been no change in his diet or workload. After trying a feed balancer with no effect I saw an advert for Happy Tummy in Horse and Hound so decided to investigate further by looking on your website. After reading lots of testimonials from happy customers I decided that it was worth trying as it would not break the bank if it did not work. When it arrived 24hrs after ordering I started him on the recommended dose. Within one week he was looking much better (much to my surprise as I certainly didn’t expect any results so quickly) so I halved the dosage for another fortnight. After that he had put back all the weight he had lost and was once again looking superb. I now give him one scoop a day (less than you recommend but it is working fine) to keep him “ticking over”… Thank you for providing such a simple answer. Emily C. & Noo – June 2011 I just wanted you to know how pleased I am with your charcoal supplement! My lovely horse Noo was targeted by thieves at Easter and although he wasn’t taken, he was left traumatised by what had happened. He had changed from a laid back, happy go lucky chap into a nervous wreck. His behaviour was dangerous and after being sent away for schooling and subsequently returned with the advice to retire him, I was at my wits end … I ordered some as a last resort and within 2 days he was back to his happy self! The extreme behaviour stopped, his windsucking has all but gone and he is now being brought back into work. His coat is gleaming, he has put on weight and his overall attitude to life is that of a very comfortable, happy horse. I cannot thank you enough. The Happy Tummy supplement is literally life changing and I will be recommending it to everyone I know.

Ulla M. & Henry – May 2011 Just to let you know that I believe I have finally found a product that has helped me see almost normal droppings from my nervous 16-year old Shire x Cob x Clydesdale etc… gelding who has a very sensitive digestive system and has always produced droppings ‘on the loose side’. I have tried many products over the years; Happy Tummy seems to work! Henry is much more relaxed and is performing better, not to mention his shiny coat! … No more mucky back legs, no more scraping watery ‘cowpats’ from the field (he lives out 24/7 all year round). I am now on my second, larger tub. By the way, as a child, if I had an upset tummy my mother used to give me two large black charcoal tablets to chew. They did not taste of anything but it was strangely exciting to chew these – and I could then show my black teeth to my brothers! And the tablets always settled my tummy. I will happily recommend Happy Tummy to everyone!

Lisa Camblin, Glasgow, 31 May 2011.

“After winning a litre pot of Happy Tummy on Facebook I have to say I am hooked. My 4 yr old ex racehorse, Broo, retired from racing in November and came to me a few months ago – very skinny and very neurotic. She was having problems putting on weight and adjusting to a much lower energy diet. She also was suffering with very loose droppings due to eating grass for the first time (she was stabled 24/7 when she was racing) I believe happy tummy is beginning to ease her digestion problems and is making her transition easier. Since starting on the charcoal she has put on weight and her droppings are much firmer. Thank-you finefettlefeeds. Broo has had some bad injuries and therefore has been left with a lot of scarring and scabs so I’m keen to try Skin Deep later in the summer to see if that makes any difference. I will keep you posted!”

Sally Henley, Monmouthshire – April 2011

… I recently purchased this product for my 29 yr old horse, who had very loose droppings over this winter, leading to loss of condition. I am thoroughly amazed at the effect after only 48 hrs! The problem has completely disappeared and he looks much brighter! I will continue to use it and have also started my other horse on it to see what effect it has.

Karen Richards, May 2011.

“Back in the winter my twenty something ID mare developed her usual bout of “winter tummy”, thus me having to wash her back legs and rear end every day. People were full of the usual good advice as to the cause, but I was never convinced of any of the reasons and if you like I had a “gut” feeling that the remedy should be a simple one. After spending oodles of pounds on different products I came across an ad in a horsey magazine for Happy Tummy and a light went on! I have never looked back, the results were almost instant and I now have a happy, healthy horse who has been given a new lease of life. I was on the verge of retiring her but she is enjoying life so much now and is more than happy to take me out on our much loved hacks that I thought were soon to be a thing of the past. Thank you fine fettle feeds!”

Jackie Yates, Suffolk – March 2011

Many thanks for a product that finally works on our very sensitive coloured horse! We are on our second tub now and have just put another horse on it.Percy has been a slave to his bowls since birth and finally at the age of 6 we seem to have seen the end to dirty back legs and rumbling guts! We have worked our way through countless products and antibiotics, such a relief to find something so simple and harmless!

Beryl Tebble, Chester

“Just a note to say very pleased with Happy Tummy, tried various products before with not a great deal of success until I tried Happy Tummy, which seems to have settled Rhiley (Welsh section D) right down. Will continue to use it as it works. Hurrah!”

Leann Warrington

Just wanted to let you know that after only a few days on the Happy Tum my pony is already producing normal droppings!!

I have in the past tried her on many different supplements but this stuff does seem to be working!! Thank you so much.

Lameness / Laminitis

Mrs. Pease, Barnard Castle – February 2012 comments:

“Our old pony’s laminitis has cleared up completely and he’s so much better … he also used to be gassy and isn’t anymore … thank you ”

January 2012 – Emma Hunter

I have been using Happy Tummy as a maintenance dose for our pony already so when a friend and I aquired a new horse on loan I knew straight away that I would need to use it for him and at a maximum dose. The reason for this was the dreaded ‘laminitis’ that he had had just under a year before we got him. He came to us over weight and very unfit so he went straight out with a grazing muzzle for 12 hours a day and was put onto the maximum dose of Happy Tummy in his food as well as starting the long process of getting him fit. He has been with us for 2.5 months and has already changed dramatically with hacking out and a good quality diet which has included Happy Tummy. His feet are now starting to grow out and he is enjoying being back in work and living out 24/7. We are looking forward to schooling him ready to take out to some events in the spring and summer.

L. Good Hampshire

“I’m so pleased with this product and highly recommend it! It has really helped my horse which was prone to laminitis and it’s also helping to clear up the oedema – a recurring problem due to ragwort poisoning.” Ann Smith, Nottinghamshire

Our 17 year old Welsh X , Poppy, has suffered from loose droppings since a bout of laminitis over 6 years ago. Visits from the vet didn’t solve the problem, nor did trying various probiotics, but after just 2 weeks of feeding Happy Tummy there has been a remarkable improvement

Hazel Miller

” my laminitic Pony has body score of 5 on neck due to crest … Too many calories is the diagnosis “, She has had Happy Tummy for about 2/3 weeks on standard dose with good effect, she used to have gassy belly with acid smelling poo, belly has reduced and smell of poo reduced too.

Susan Arnold, Devon

Just wanted to say that this product has helped my miniature Shetland mare through a bad bout of laminitis. Poppy is now trotting and cantering up the paddock track after her young 3yr old Highland gelding, and so obviously happy to be doing so. Many thanks!

Plant poisons & toxins

Diane Jordan

I am writing to thank you so much for your advice regarding my mare who had picked up a toxic plant. This caused an allergic reaction, photo sensitivity, which seriously damaged her liver. She has been on Happy Tummy for approx 5 weeks and yesterday had her second blood test to check the condition of her liver. The vet was totally amazed. Her tests showed that she was completely back to normal. Something which she (the vet) had never known happen in this short time before.

From a very poorly pony with a dull coat and weight loss, to a very happy one with a gleaming coat, bucking and kicking round the field, I cannot thank you enough. The other fantastic news is that she is still carrying her foal, which there was a possibility of her loosing due to all the stress and toxins in her system. I will not hesitate to recommend Happy Tummy to anyone in the same situation. With grateful thanks

Jane Hough

I just thought I would give you an update following using Happy Tummy with my Shire Cross. I can honestly say that it has worked wonders on his lymph system (All the glands are down including the one on his tummy which was huge) which hopefully means internally the system isn’t overworking now. I have been using it just over a month and I think combined with having had some rain and the ground not as hard, he has become quite sound in that last few days, which hopefully means that the toxins in his body are being absorbed by the Happy Tummy.

Everyone has commented on how well he is looking and have noticed that he doesn’t have the enlarged glands on his tummy.

Overall I am so pleased with his progress, so thank you for all you help

Dressage / Competition

Lousia Spencer, Devon. March 2012

I have been feeding my dressage horse Happy Tummy for some months now and it is just amazing! He has become so much happier at home and at competitions as his tummy is much more settled and his droppings are no longer loose. He seems to be so much more relaxed now which I am sure is down to feeding this product. However I would appreciate whether you could let me know if this product complies with the FEI anti doping regulations? As I cannot see anywhere whether this does or not as I received some advice that ‘natural’ products could contain prohibited substances. [REPLY from F.F. Feed: Yes it complies with the FEI (and BHRA) regulations.]

Sinai Wild Dancer

Helen Dawson, Sinai Dressage, dressage rider and trainer.

Happy Tummy is a superb product and I have been extremely pleased with the results!

Sinai Wild Dancer a home bred 7yo Hanoverian dressage horse had a range of symptoms from grumpy, moody behaviour, dislike of being groomed, very sensitive tummy, itchy skin and acidic smelling droppings. Dani was well behaved to ride but not particularly forward going and tended to become over collected when forward leg aids were applied, we also had to give her a high energy feed before competitions as she had a tendency to curl up and not go forward during a test. We tried her on ulcer medication which did not seem to have any effect, and then I saw an advert for Happy Tummy and decided to try it. The results have been amazing Dani is much less grumpy, happy to be groomed and tacked up, she no longer bites her flanks when she is in season and her droppings have a normal smell. The biggest difference though is to her ridden work, she is more forward going, less argumentative and more focused and we have not had to feed her any high energy food prior to a competition since she has been on Happy Tummy!! My dressage trainer was also amazed with the difference in her attitude to her work and hopefully now Dani can achieve her potential!

I have been so impressed with Happy Tummy that I have recommended it to many of my clients, who have also had excellent results. It has been particularly successful with an event horse who repeatedly had very sore muscles after an event, she is now fed Happy Tummy on a daily basis and we have had no more sore muscles, her coat is also extremely shiny and she is not ridden in spurs anymore! I am also a McTimoney-Corley animal therapist and I now give all the horses I treat a small tub of Happy Tummy to assist with the removal of toxins from the muscles after a treatment.

I cannot recommend Happy Tummy enough it is a fantastic product with a huge spectrum of benefits for horses and all animals, including people!

Cher East, Essex, Rider & Dressage Competitor

I wanted to let you know how impressed i am with Happy Tummy and what an amazing change it has made to both of my horses.

Every winter when we have restricted grazing Louie my 21 year old hunter suffers with scouring which understandably makes him grumpy. …. Over the years I have tried a number of different feeds and supplements without success. Since feeding him Happy Tummy the difference in Louie is amazing! He is clean in the stable with normal droppings, easy to muck out and saving me a small fortune in bedding but more importantly Louie is so much happier in himself!! No more grumpy face pulling. I am also feeding Vinnie ( my competition horse) Happy Tummy and he is much calmer and less spooky! I highly recommend Happy Tummy if you want your horse to have a Happy Tummy!!

So a big THANK YOU for such a fantastic product!

 Jo Tootal BHSAI, Colchester

I have two horses; one competes at British Dressage, British Eventing and British Riding Club events the other mainly hunts and has fun. I have been feeding Happy Tummy to them for about three months. They are both looking and feeling very well. Due to the weather they have to be stabled more at this time of year and in previous years their droppings have become very loose and wet. Since being on Happy Tummy this is no longer a problem. I have noticed a great improvement in their temperaments and general good health. Many thanks to Fine Fettle Feed.

Jane Hendy -TRIED AND TESTED FEED BACK, February 2011 I have tried Happy Tummy for the last 12 days on my competition mare and my miniature Shetland and have already noticed differences in their behaviour and condition .Abbie my 15.3 Thoroughbred Mare is prone to stroppy behaviour and very acid smelling urine, within a week of feeding Happy Tummy in her morning and Evening feeds I have certainly noticed that her urnine is a lot better and her temper has improved. She seems much more calmer in the stable and instead of chucking her feed everywhere she actually sticks her nose in her bucket and eats the lot! I havn’t change any of her feeding routines all I have done is added a few scoops of Happy Tummy and its made such a difference. She’s always been a lively ride but in the last couple of days I have actually felt she is much more of a sane animal and not quite so spooky. Her dull winter coat is also very shinny at this time of year which again is down to Happy Tummy. My Mini Shetland has a scoop a day and she is a much nicer little pony all round as she is prone to being a bit bolshy and thinking she is the Boss on the yard. I can now lead her in from the field without being bitten, again all that I have changed in the last week is adding Happy Tummy to her tiny little feed and her manners are much more polite. I would have no hesitation in recommending Happy Tummy to Equine Canine and Country Life and Equestrian Life Readers.