Mud Fever help

For a chance to win a free tub of Black Tac hoof and heel ointment, visit our Facebook page to participate in this month’s giveaway. At this time of the year, muddy conditions can cause cracks and weeping sores to break out on horses’ heels and fetlock.   Black Tac Heel & Hoof Care forms […]

Loose droppings Help

When a horse suffers from loose droppings and/or excess faecal water, it can be a nuisance and  uncomfortable for both horse and owner, particularly if it’s winter time when it’s cold and you don’t want to be washing off in icy water! There are a number of reasons why horses might develop loose droppings or […]

Reduce emissions with charcoal!

We know that methane is a major greenhouse gas, and that farming cows for beef and dairy products play a part. Methane from cows comes from the animal’s breath; (enteric fermentation, the digestive process of converting sugars into simple molecules for absorption into the bloodstream, which produces methane as a by-product), and also via flatulence, […]

Keep cool and fly free.

We are experiencing one of the hottest spells on record this summer and it’s crucial to look after and protect your horse, dog and other pets from the extreme heat and the flies / bugs that are abundant. (READ In addition to having an initial cooling effect, our fly-spray is excellent for helping to […]

Laminitis – helpful snippets

Prevention is always better than dealing with a case of laminitis, and one of the main factors is weight management. The amount of food eaten and the type are equally important. Aim for feed / forage where there is less than 12% non-structural carbohydrate (NSC) as this is not water-soluble. According to vet Sally Hodgson, […]

*Nutrition Focus

In this feature, we invite experts to answer your burning questions – please email us at if you have an equine nutrition enquiry. (Your questions may be shortened to fit the available space.) This month, Keith Foster of Fine Fettle Products shares his expertise Q) I have heard that charcoal can benefit laminitis-prone horses […]

Breaking News on our wonderful Happy Tummy!

Tracey Cole – November 3, 2019. I thought other horse owners might like to know about the huge difference that Happy Tummy has made to my mare. She has had intermittent lameness, which over the years has been treated with remedial farriery, coffin joint injections, going barefoot, being tested for a number if conditions, all […]

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