Mud Fever help

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At this time of the year, muddy conditions can cause cracks and weeping sores to break out on horses’ heels and fetlock.   Black Tac Heel & Hoof Care forms a protective barrier over the affected area helping it to dry out and heal.  A compound of high quality natural ingredients, Black Tac is water soluble and safe to use on all skin lesions.

It’s easy to use and apply as follows:-

  1. Ensure hands are clean and dry before applying Black Tac, and you may prefer to use disposable gloves.
  2. Clean the affected area by wiping before applying Black Tac.  (e.g. using paper towels)
  3. If you have to wash the affected area then allow it to dry thoroughly before applying the first layer of Black Tac.
  4. Do not wash in between applications but wipe clean and re-apply. Dispose of all wipes / paper towels hygienically.
  5. If you have to wash for any reason then follow 3 above.
  6. Apply twice daily when treating existing problems.
  7. For maintenance and prevention a daily application to frog and heels is recommended.
  8. In the colder months Black Tac can become very stiff – just bring into a warm room or stand in a bowl of warm water. (Do not allow any water to get into the ointment).

That’s it!

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