Happy Tummy for Poultry

Happy Tummy® is a charcoal feed additive which adsorbs toxins from poultry’s digestive system enabling the immune system to work more effectively, thus helping to reduce the incidence of disease or illness.

Happy Tummy for poultry is able to adsorb high levels of ammonia, enhance food conversion rates, enable drier droppings and reduce phosphate levels in droppings. All of this makes for easier cleaning, less infection, less foot damage, less worm problems, reduction in smell and a reduction in fly numbers around chickens and other poultry.

Further yet, by adsorbing toxins from the bird’s system and capturing ammonia, Happy Tummy® can reduce feet burn (pododermatitis), skin burns, breast burn, gut disease and coccidiosis, contributing significantly to the health and welfare of your flock.

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