Happy Tummy Charcoal Feed Supplement


Happy Tummy Charcoal Feed Supplement is suitable for all equines, dogs, cats and other mammals, as well as poultry and  all domestic animals. Fed regularly, Happy Tummy helps maintain good digestive health by supporting a natural acid-alkaline (pH) balance in the gut. This pH balance supports the immune system and provides the foundation for good health, good condition and better performance.


All equines benefit from the addition of small, regular doses of Happy Tummy® natural charcoal to their diet. This is because Happy Tummy® adsorbs toxins and passes them out of the horse’s system – naturally. It’s suitable to feed daily as it is a natural active charcoal feed supplement


Happy Tummy supports the natural pH of the hindgut in horses, ponies and all equines. This helps maintain gastric and digestive health which is fundamental to keeping a horse in good health and condition. Fast acting, inexpensive and with no known side effects, Happy Tummy charcoal is probably the best gastric conditioner in the world. The action of this unique feed supplement is entirely natural, inexpensive and very effective

(See Happy Tummy capsules designed for humans).

NOTE: Our Happy Tummy™ product is the same for all animals, therefore, the canine/feline labelled tub contains the same product as the equine labelled tub. Happy Tummy is also a great gut balancer for horses, an effective horse feed balancer.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Happy Tummy charcoal is NOT activated charcoal. Happy Tummy is a pure hardwood charcoal made in the traditional way which makes it naturally active. Our hardwood charcoal comes from sustainable, renewable sources.

Activated charcoal is a super-adsorbent which is manufactured in a different way and, if used regularly over time, compromises nutritional uptake.



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