Happy Tummy for Horses

All equines benefit from the addition of small, regular doses of Happy Tummy® natural charcoal to their diet. This is because Happy Tummy® charcoal adsorbs toxins and passes them out of the horse’s system – naturally. Happy Tummy is suitable to feed daily as it is a natural active charcoal feed supplement. [Whereas, activated charcoal is a super-adsorbent made thus by the industrial processes it goes through, and should not be used as a regular feed material.]

Happy Tummy Feeding Guide Sheet

Our Happy Tummy product supports the natural pH of the hindgut in horses, ponies and all equines. This helps maintain gastric and digestive health which is fundamental to keeping a horse in good health and condition. Fast acting, inexpensive and with no known side effects Happy Tummy charcoal is the best gastric conditioner in the world. The action of this unique feed supplement is entirely natural, inexpensive and very effective.

Horses can race and compete whilst using Happy Tummy® and finish on better with less tying up. BHA and FEI compliant.


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