Fine Fettle Tonic for Horses


Fine Fettle Tonic is good for horses’ health and is part of the spectrum of herbs horses choose to eat when present in their grazing environment. It helps calm the stomach,  relax overstretched muscles and aids health and condition. Fine Fettle Tonic provides a range of beneficial nutrients, minerals and vitamins in bio-available form. It is an excellent source of magnesium (57mg / 100g), an important  mineral known for it’s stomach calming and antiulcer properties. There is iron in a naturally available form, vitamin C, amino acids, and other essential trace minerals.

Fed daily as part of your horse’s diet, Fine Fettle Tonic contributes to the metabolic health of your horse. (Recommended daily amount 20g)

Our Tonic is suitable for all equines of any age, and is particularly helpful for the older or veteran horse, where it provides an easily absorbed spectrum of essential nutrients, all of which are valuable in helping to support the health and well-being of equines.

Furthermore, our Tonic can also be added to the feed / food of other domestic animals and pets, where it will support good health.

In addition to the preparation method described on the product label, Fine Fettle Tonic can simply be added to the horse’s feed and damped down with a little water if necessary. Organically grown, and packed full of essential and beneficial nutrients,  it contributes to the longevity and  health of your horse.



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