Terms and Conditions

Conditions of Sale

All orders are dispatched within 24 hours of receipt Monday – Friday (except public holidays).
We provide a non-quibble full refund provided that goods are returned unopened and in good order.
Partial refunds are provided by mutual agreement in special circumstances.  Please read this page thoroughly and print a copy for future reference.

An Important Note – please read.

For clarity and in order to comply with regulatory requirements nothing on this website is intended to present our preparations as medicinal products. Please note that Fine Fettle  products are not licensed veterinary / medicinal products. They contain a variety of natural substances that are generally believed to have beneficial properties when used either alone or in certain combinations. This knowledge is almost entirely in the public domain and whilst our formulas are our intellectual property, like most natural products, they have no proprietary protection nor are we able to claim any. For this reason our website does not give details of the formulations or manufacturing processes. The products are marketed as aids in the maintenance of the general healthcare of horses and other animals, and we do not claim that they can treat or cure any medical condition. It is important that those people promoting Fine Fettle Feed products to the general public do not purport to be selling or supplying medicinal products, or products which are licensed by the Veterinary Medicines Directorate, since this would be an offence. Where such terms as antiseptic or similar words are used, these are to be read in their scientific and not their medical context. For example, a strong saline solution inhibits and kills bacteria but is not a medicine. Anaerobic bacteria are bacteria that can only live in the absence of oxygen; therefore, by introducing oxygen to their environment they can be killed or stopped. However, that is not a medicinal function, but a physical one that takes place all the time in the natural environment.

Similarly, in the same way that spectacles help focus poor eyesight but have no medicinal properties themselves; or walking sticks help people walk but have no medicinal properties themselves so, for example, our charcoal product simply acts on and through natural processes and assists the animal’s body to heal itself. Our products are made of non-medicinal substances that act as natural helpers in supporting and maintaining the immune system.

None of our products contain mineral oils, jelly (e.g. petroleum jelly) or lanolin. We do not use any artificial ingredients, preservatives or chemicals, and our policy is to strive at all times to use only the best natural ingredients.