About Fine Fettle Products

We are an ethical company trading since 2009, and manufacture a range of well-being products for humans, equines, pets and all animals. Fine Fettle’s success is founded on the efficacy and quality of our products, and the excellent service we provide to all of our customers. Our aim is to help keep you and your pets in ‘fine fettle’, which means in a ‘good state of health’. All our products are natural, sustainable and effective.

Our science based approach to restoring and maintaining good health is based upon an age old technology, adapted to work in a modern environment. Fine Fettle’s main product, Happy Tummy®, has become a trusted and recognized brand providing quality food and feed supplements / additives for both humans and animals.

As a feed additive, Happy Tummy® charcoal exploits a completely new paradigm in health care for horses, ponies, pets and all mammals.  Its success in the marketplace has enabled the growth of our company over the years from a customer base of a few hundred to the point where we now supply many  top racing stables, livery yards and studs. 

Happy Tummy®  is available in capsule form for humans and, used as part of a balanced diet, supports a healthy gut and helps maintain optimum health. (Historically, humans have used charcoal as an aid to digestion and an antidote to poisons.) 

NOTE: Our charcoal is sustainably sourced, our tubs and containers are made from recyclable plastic and carry the recycle symbol on the base.