Reduce emissions with charcoal!

We know that methane is a major greenhouse gas, and that farming cows for beef and dairy products play a part. Methane from cows comes from the animal’s breath; (enteric fermentation, the digestive process of converting sugars into simple molecules for absorption into the bloodstream, which produces methane as a by-product), and also via flatulence, produced in the cow’s large intestine, and then expelled. Cows produce methane via microbes in their stomachs as they digest their fibrous food, in a process a little like fermentation.


Natural charcoal, like Happy Tummy, helps to counteract these emissions from cows. By helping the animal’s system to maintain a natural acid-alkaline balance, it can support the digestive (and also immune) system. Happy Tummy Charcoal essentially reduces ‘gas’, which is a by-product of digestion.

Using charcoal in a cow’s diet can also improve soil water retention and increase the amount of carbon retained in the soil. (READ #GHG

Farmers, what’s not to like!

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