Loose droppings Help

When a horse suffers from loose droppings and/or excess faecal water, it can be a nuisance and  uncomfortable for both horse and owner, particularly if it’s winter time when it’s cold and you don’t want to be washing off in icy water! There are a number of reasons why horses might develop loose droppings or […]

Reduce emissions with charcoal!

We know that methane is a major greenhouse gas, and that farming cows for beef and dairy products play a part. Methane from cows comes from the animal’s breath; (enteric fermentation, the digestive process of converting sugars into simple molecules for absorption into the bloodstream, which produces methane as a by-product), and also via flatulence, […]

Laminitis – helpful snippets

Prevention is always better than dealing with a case of laminitis, and one of the main factors is weight management. The amount of food eaten and the type are equally important. Aim for feed / forage where there is less than 12% non-structural carbohydrate (NSC) as this is not water-soluble. According to vet Sally Hodgson, […]

*Nutrition Focus

In this feature, we invite experts to answer your burning questions – please email us at nutrition@equiads.com if you have an equine nutrition enquiry. (Your questions may be shortened to fit the available space.) This month, Keith Foster of Fine Fettle Products shares his expertise Q) I have heard that charcoal can benefit laminitis-prone horses […]

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