Happy Tummy balancer for Equine health

Feedback from some customers:

SB – June 2020: I’ve used this for my horse who has a very sensitive tummy and is prone to wind. Find it really helps.

AL – April 2020: My 21 old mare has Cushing’s disease and her dropping were always loose after medication, but after giving her this in her feed they are much better.

SL – April 2020: I’ve not had my horse on this for long but he already seems a bit happier when I do his girth up.

LY – November 2019: Well, she ate her feed with this added so that was a bonus. Feel there has been a slight improvement with her ulcer problems.

TK – October 2019: I always have this in the cupboard and find it brilliant to use when the grass changes and the horse stools change.

Happy Tummy™ Charcoal Feed Supplement

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