Happy Joints Capsules for Humans (& Pets)


HAPPY JOINTS® is a food additive made of naturally occurring alkaline minerals, Vit C, citrus bioflavonoids & turmeric, which help redress the acid/alkaline balance, helping the body to mend itself. HAPPY JOINTS® contains minerals and trace elements often missing from the modern diet & consists purely of nutrients which work in conjunction with your body. 250 capsules provides three months supply. Suitable for vegetarians/vegans.  Happy Joints Capsules is manufactured in the UK to AIB and GMP standards.

Your Pet

Many of our customers have used these capsules for their canine friends to good effect, where they have afforded relief to stiffness of joints and limbs. As your pet ages, their limbs and joints too (like their owners) are susceptible to wear and tear. There are many reasons for this, from the breed of dog, to diet, lifestyle and care.  However,  added to your pet’s food daily, HAPPY JOINTS® provides a good spectrum of essential minerals and trace elements, in a synergistic blend, that support and promote healthy joints; so that your pet can continue to enjoy an active life.


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