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Super Slim


Super Slim is intended as a self-help guide and reference work for everyone who wishes to lose weight, be more healthy and live longer!

It covers a broad range of topics in some depth, all of which have a direct bearing on weight gain, obesity and ill health.  By describing the mechanism by which fatty deposits are distributed around the body, Super Slim enables people to clearly understand how to reverse this process.

Super Slim tracks human development from its early beginnings to show why we developed a layer of blubber, what evolutionary purpose this served and how it can be reduced. It then goes on to describe the bloodstream’s priority, which is to maintain a degree of alkalinity in order to provide adequate levels of oxygen to the cells, (a process which, with the modern sugar-rich diet, necessitates a shunting of acidic toxins (fats) into “storage areas” around the body).  These are where fat accumulates, well away from the main circulatory system.

Super Slim deals with food, providing lists and recommendations as to how you can alkalise your diet.  It then touches on a new form of exercise (ideal for the busy person) and a new fertility regime which, if implemented, can help influence the sex of your children.

Further information is provided on male fertility, plus how to help avoid fibrocystic breast disease and how to help get rid of stretch marks. Further yet, on how sunlight helps you to slim, lack of sleep can make you fat and a whole compendium of knowledge on similar vital subjects.  These help the reader to be in control of their weight and to become slimmer, more healthy and longer lived.

Super Slim is not a scientific treatise, but simply a very informative book that will help a lot of people to lose weight healthily and keep it off.


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